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FULLY ALIVE - This is Me

Did you know we all have Guardian Angels?

Growing up outside of Washington D.C., the word around town was, “We are all blessed with guardian angels, but those Pacheco kids have many more!” :-)

I am positive that I do not have any more guardian angels than the next person on this earth, but a reflection on my life, makes me chuckle at how fortunate I have been with my energy.

My life has never stopped being filled with adventures which began with me being surrounded by five brothers in my family, exploring the extreme elements of nature, show business & classical music, and Always Fully Alive!

A continued curiosity to learn not only in one area but within the realm of everything has fascinated me since I was young! We have been given so much in this life and created many wondrous things that makeup LIFE! Such as nature, food, languages, music, art, culture, sports, health, travel, family, religion-spirituality, and anything else for a rounded education.

I have always stated, “A full life is rich in every area. More variety, the better!”

My hope in this blog is to share my love, experiences, and what I have learned along the way about FULLY being ALIVE! The incredible insights and gifts I have received in life have created a rich and beautiful life.

From a dear friend of mine who has observed my life, “You need to bring a new slogan to Nike! Instead of Just do it, it should be, DO IT NOW!” I hope I may keep living up to this action-filled statement, “DO IT NOW,” which brings unbelievable confidence and love to one’s life!

Welcome to my life’s blog on how I have lived Fully Alive and living the statement, “Do it Now.”

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