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Music Collaboration

Family & Background


At the age of two, most kids are pushing a fire truck or dancing with a doll. Rebecca chose the black and white keys of a piano to pave the path to be an accomplished and moving musician in her field. She is in demand for her dynamic collaboration as a producer, music director, composer, pianist, recording artist, vocal coach, educator and consultant in business matters.


​Growing up in a musical family, Rebecca also studied the violin for several years while attending many performances at the Kennedy Center as young as she can remember. Rebecca began conducting choirs at the age of 15 and soon after became an assistant for the Fairfax Youth Symphony Orchestra in Virginia where she was entrusted in organizational matters for her awareness to detail, fundraising skills and prompt completion of tasks.


Public Speaking

A native of Washington DC, Rebecca received her Bachelor of Music degree from Brigham Young University and completed her Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music under the direction of Warren Jones.​

Rebecca enjoys spending her free time in nature for inspiration while she attempts to capture the beauty around her. Her passion for traveling stimulates a humbling admiration of our world.  You will also find her Latin dancing, skiing/snowboarding, working out, reading and any other adventurous activity you may think of.


Business Accumen 


Over the years, Rebecca has equally been comfortable participating in business forums and conferences regarding advertising-marketing, promotions, event planning, building sponsorship and creative cross-collaboration projects with Parade of Homes, The Food Network and world groups as NAMM and NASMD. Being a co-founder for Direct Marketing Services and Evergreen Waste Services for seven years, her awareness of relationships, efficiency and productivity was a key support for the companies' success.     


Music Producing and Recording

Personal Achievements


Rebecca is an avid lover of the outdoors. With her energy and positive spirit, she was able to complete a life-changing and intense motorcycle challenge as the First Female to complete the Trans-Amazonian Challenge in 2022. This challenge took her across 10,000 miles through 7 different countries in 52 days. 


Her adventure has been featured on the @Fit2Fat2Fit podcast hosted by Drew Manning. Rebecca shares her experience preparing for the challenge, how her musical training helped her gain the mental endurance to complete this challenge, and even talk about suffering a serious injury halfway along the challenge. Listen to this episode by clicking here.

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